How to Live in a Flat

Expanding upon her interest in modernist furniture design, the artist shows a series of new sculptural works which examine the motifs and contradictions of the highly functional furniture design of the 1930s, the era from which The Tetley building dates. Creating a series of rooms based on an image by the Edwardian satirist Heath Robsinson, from which the exhibition takes its title. Central to the exhibition is a carpet (Modern Carpet Designs May Provide Endless Entertainment for Your Friends, 2014) which is a realisation of a rug designed by Robinson in an illustration which mocks twentieth-century living.

Adams will ‘move-in’ to her exhibition space between the 12th of May, returning at weekends throughout the project to ‘re-arrange’ the show, adding and removing artworks as she deciphers how best to inhabit the exhibition space. Guest artists will also be invited by Adams to re-design, animate and ‘live’ in the exhibition space over the course of the project.

This project was supported by The Henry Moore Foundation and Arts Trust Scotland.

Artists’ Projects with guest artists Tessa Lynch and Jennifer Bailey

Saturday 14 June, 12-4pm

In response to Rachel Adams’ installation How To Live in a Flat, artist Tessa Lynch will activate the space by producing a series of concept sketches of people and objects using the space. Looking at the idea of illustration in space a start point Lynch will use premade gridded rubber stamps to mark out anything angular in the room and then describe the rooms’ use with quick overlaid line drawings.

Tessa Lynch (b. 1984 Surrey) lives and works in Glasgow where she completed her MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Lynch is currently completing a one year graduate fellowship at Glasgow Sculpture Studios where she is working towards a commission for Jupiter Artland as part of Creative Scotland’s GENERATION.

Photography: Lucy Johnson

Jennifer Bailey (b. 1984) is an artist based in Glasgow. Selected exhibitions include ‘Sarah’, Space in Between, London, 2014, ‘Kelly’, The Savoy Centre, Glasgow International Festival, 2014, ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’, Liverpool Biennial and Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK, 2012. Upcoming exhibitions include ‘Mood is Made/Temperature is Taken’, curated by Quinn Latimer, GSS and Flats, Intermedia, CCA, 2015, Glasgow.


Jennifer Bailey will install a series of repurposed cardboard boxes – the kind used in the sale of appliances and clothing – in and around the ‘furniture’ in Rachel Adam’s installation. The boxes will be ‘customised’ by Bailey with text works that pertain to the use of objects as supports for lifestyles.

Performance with guest artist Shona Macnaughton

Saturday 7 June, 6-8pm

For this performance, the audience is invited to a party without a host. An interior monologue begins in the manner of a self counsel from one of the guests, it takes as a starting point the text A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf written in the same inter war period as How To Live In A Flat’s inspiration, reflecting on the material conditions underpinning gender relations then and now.

Shona Macnaughton is an artist based in Brussels. Macnaughton has served as a co-director of the Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and is participant in the artist group Eastern Surf. Recent exhibitions include: ‘New Work Scotland Programme’ Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, 2013 Legion TV, London online commission, 2014 ‘Kernel Panic Control’ Eastern Surf, Galerija Galženica, Zagreb, Croatia, 2014.

12th May -15th June, 2014