Continuous Noon II, 2018
Tie-dye, timber
217cm x 200cm x 60cm

Screen printed acrylic, light fixings
Dimensions variable

My Monster
Photo-etching (U.S. Navy photo by PH2 David C. MacLean/Released)
Framed size 30×40 cm
Hidden Hardware
Patchworked screen printed fabric, acrylic, bolts, timber frame.
7 x 260 x 160 cm approx.
Lowlight (pink), 2018
screenprinted acrylic, light fixings

06 – 27 Oct

Launch: Fri 05 Oct, 6 – 8pm

Free and open to all

We are delighted to present a new exhibition of work by Glasgow based artist Rachel Adams titled Lowlight. Exploring the creative, menial, domestic and administrative, the installation for Bloc Projects looks at the linked systems that govern both the natural and manmade world and the possibilities where the two intersect.

We are surrounded by incomprehensible systems. These are not only the current shifts in society and technology that are engulfed by hyperbole, but also the environment and the natural world. Rachel Adams is interested in the collapse of boundaries between the natural and the synthetic, and the part technology and work play in this breakdown. The installation across outdoor and indoor space is composed with a range of materials from hobbyist textiles to digitally fabricated plastics.

This exhibition has been produced in partnership with David Dale Gallery, Glasgow.