Lombard Method: Artist in Residence


Glasgow based artist Rachel Adams will be in residence at The Lombard Method from March until June 2013, as she focuses on a research project that will inform the development of future work.

On Wednesday 20th March, Adams gave an introduction to her practice and her research interests, and outlined the topics she will be enquiring into during the residency. Adams will present research material to conclude the residency from 13th – 15th June.

Adams’ sculptural works explore the relationship between science fiction, classical sculptural motifs and decorative craft techniques, questioning the historical and cultural value of materials.

Adams uses materials and processes that have a specific cultural and historical identity, such as tie-dye, macramé and crochet, in works that reflect the aesthetics of science fiction. Adams often mirrors methods employed to produce the ‘alien’ environments of 1970s television sets, which marked a growing distrust of the technological advancements of the preceding decade. The retrospective contexts of Adams’s sculpture draw on an increasingly nostalgic engagement with new age themes such as self-improvement.