Continuous Noon I
Tie dye, timber, t-shirt yarn, laminate, eyelets
220 cm x 240cm x 70cm

Ponics (Cabbage Patch)
Screenprinted acrylic, bolts, plumbing fixings, pipe clamps, steel, silicon maggots
45 x 200 x 300 cm approx.
Laminate, CNC timber, steel, silicon maggots, vinyl
70 x 170 x 120cm

Saboteur (Peppered Moths)
Vinyl on wall
Dimensions variable
Lowlight (outdoor version), 2018
Permanent installation, David Dale Gallery
Laser cut acrylic, light fixings

This exhibition has been produced in partnership with Bloc Projects, Sheffield. ‘Lowlight’ by Rachel Adams will run from the 5th till 27th October 2018 at Bloc Projects.

Photo credit: Max Slaven.