Housework is never completed, the chaos always lurks ready to encroach on any area left unweeded, a jungle filled with dirty pans and the roaring giant stuffed toy animals suddenly turned savage. Terrible glass eyes.


The Heat Death of The Universe, Pamela Zoline, 1967


Rachel Adams’ MFA Degree Show 2017, Ruskin School of Art, Shirley, looks at the relationship between textile and computing technologies and domestic labour. The title references both the 1849 Charlotte Bronté novel set in the time of Luddite rebellion in Yorkshire in 1812 and Dame Stephanie Shirley, the programmer and tech entrepreneur who founded the Oxford Internet Institute in 2001.


Shirley Sculptural installation: dimensions variable Acrylic, felted dreadlocks, plug, f-connectors, silicon flesh tunnels, acrylic, shoe lasts, aluminium, heat shrink tubing, socket bolts, coppiced hazel, ash and willow.







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